Article #1
This article explores the impact that pod casting can have on a classroom. The author suggests that even though the technology is getting more user friendly, teachers still need to take time to address the post cast learning curve.

Article #2
This website contains a powerpoint with the purpose of motivating teachers to use iPod technology in the classroom. The authors seem to assume that every student in class has an I pod touch. The main point of this website is to show that iPods would be useful for any subject.

Article #3
This page contains a youtube video that discusses a new application that will be available for teachers called "educate". This ap will allow you to create lesson plans, take attenence, calculate grades, and much more. It would be great if the Infinite campus that most local schools use could interface with a program like this one.

Article #4
This is a huge website that includes "how to" sections for many of the iPod's uses in education. I will probably use this website for a reference as I get comfortable integrating my iPod touch into my classroom.

Article #5
This article talks about a college that made iPods manditory for its freshmen to ensure they could download lectures and use email.

Article #6
This article promotes the use of iPods in the classroom. The site has links to goverment grants and other fund raising oportunities that could be used to purchase classroom iPods.

Article #7
This article discusses the morality of effecting students preferance for a mac vs a pc. By teaching our students with the Mac iPods we are in a sense marketing for mac products. Personally I think that educators should use whatever is available to them but the article does raise some interesting questions.

Article #8
This website discusses the successful use of iPods with ESL students. The iPod helps these learners stay focused and helps them translate information quickly and easily.

Article #9
This article discusses the banning of digital divices because of the possibility of cheating they create.

Article #10
This article discusses the authors opinions on the top 3 features on iPods that will impact education. Touch screen, widgets, and fully functioning internet.